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Various pieces in no particular order

ripply texture created by heating plastic backing on a solar panel
image of paintings on a gallery wall
3 art works using solar panels on display at an art gallery
Image of a man with a hat and glasses standing next to an ipad with a woman on the screen and a tag saying "allison" beneath
image of an old fashioned number stamp on a gallery plinth with paper
Image of a poster in a gallery window advertising upcoming natural numbers exhibition
Image of a collage inside a stripped solar panel in front of the signage for the Box of Possibilities exhibition at Manning Regional Gallery
A delaminated solar panel contains organic shapes made with cast recycled paper
Watercolour - No.1 Break Fire
Image of a leaf made from stamped numbers
image of a woman in a blue dress and respirator in front of artworks made from solar panels
Green squares of cast recycled paper displayed on a solar panel in an art gallery
photograph of sunlight through a window
Photo of keys arranged on sand
image of a brightly coloured organic shapes paitning with white words all over it
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